1 January 2022

“Your Kind of Beautiful”


To all women and girls, this song is dedicated to you, reminding you that,
“You are beautiful

We all have our ups and downs when it comes to how we view ourselves. No one is immune to this.

My journey towards living authentically and learning to love myself as a whole person, both the positive and negative sides, was filled with laughter and tears, and many ups and downs. But finding myself, and rising up to become the person I was always meant to be—a person who authentically lives by her own set of values every single day—was well worth the journey.

Through that journey, I learned a lot of important lessons, including the fact that we all have our own “blooming style”, as well as our own unique set of values and gifts that make us beautiful for who we are—flaws and all.

In writing this song, it’s my hope to invite you to recognize the form of beauty you bring to world, and to celebrate this truth.

“We are each beautifully unique, with our own personal flaws and beauties, weaknesses and strengths. It’s in our authenticity, our spirit, that we are wonderfully diverse.”

—An excerpt from the
“Healthy Growth Mindset Series”

No matter where you are today—whether you’re confident in your own skin or you’ve lost yourself somewhere along the way—I hope this song will help you take a look deep inside yourself to find— “Your Kind of Beautiful.”

Behind all of this is my aspiration to create a loving and supportive community for women, where we can all come to know and appreciate our own beauty as well as celebrate other women’s unique beauty together.

Last but not least, I would like to extend my gratitude towards those who have teamed up with me to bring “Your Kind of Beautiful” to life. Tracy Thorne, my lyrics co-writer, Oliviya Nicole and Ed Stokes, a talented singer and an amazing music producer. Thank you to you all.

With lots of love,

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